Saturday, December 03, 2005


Wow what a bold title for a post. Bet it got your attention pretty quick! Especially considering my straight-laced normal posts! So what can I possibly be wanting to write about this time?

Well, Erotica is a show every year in London (Olympia, part of Earl's Court exhibition centre) with a theme of - you guessed it - erotica. I'd pondered about going to it several years back but hadn't been interested enough or thought the cost was worth it (travel, probably staying up there from where I was living at the time, plus the ticket, then probably walking round on my own and being much less confident than I am now). Now, however, I have the all-important Travelcard so getting up to and about in London costs me nowt; it was just the ticket cost (not that cheap mind - Saturday's was £24.50 being the biggest day) and anything I ended up buying. Which, luckily for my credit card bill this month, wasn't a lot. Give me an unlimited budget I might have spent a fair bit more.

Actually the most expensive thing I bought was rather boring - more shoe wax/polish. Yes, see what I mean! Perhaps I shouldn't have admitted to that but left you pondering instead...

So what prompted this? Why did I decide to mention it in my blog rather than let it by without a mention (you'd be surprised how much I've got up to recently that isn't in here...)

I suppose it's that I have explored and got to know myself better over the last year or two, that I've been having fun again after being single for far too long (hmmmmm... wishes he hadn't had such a late start in some areas) - don't worry I'm careful, and have become a lot more confident and open to talk about certain things.

PS I have other draft blogs ready to go once I've finished and edited them down a bit. Expect a few to appear at once when I get round to it (edit: err... about now!). Hopefully I'll remember to do something about their time-indices so they appear in some kind of order.


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